Excursions by bus to Mauthausen

Linz Tours offers, depending on the number of visitors, bus excursions, minibus excursions or car excursions to the memorial of Mauthausen's concentration camp. Our tour to the memorial of Mauthausen usually starts from Linz, but it is possible to book vehicles from any place in Upper Austria. If you are interested in an excursion to the Mauthausen memorial and if you want more information about it, feel free to contact us at !

Programme of our excursion to the memorial of Mauthausen

From the place you want, you will go to the memorial of Mauthausen near Linz. Once in Mauthausen, you will visit the old concentration camp and you will see historical monuments such as the career "Wiener Graben", the dead stairs "Todesstiege" and an overwhelming exposure telling the tragic historical events about the Shoah which presents objects from this period and documentary videos. After your visit to the memorial of Mauthausen, your licensed guide will accompany you with pleasure to Linz or any place of your choice in Upper Austria.

Important information about the excursion in Mauthausen

It is not recommended to visit the concentration camp of Mauthausen for children of less than fourteen years old.

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